Monster Vegan Burger by Ellie Goulding and Jamie Oliver

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Jamie’s Italy was my first cookbook, and this wonderfully talented guy won my heart and a special place on my kitchen shelf ever since. I still find inspiration in his work after all this time, and I’m always happy to watch every show or project he’s up to. Last year, in one of the episodes of his Friday Night Feast, he was challenged to create a burger to impress vegan guest star Ellie Goulding, and boy he sure did it! That green monster bathed in spicy vegan mayo haunted me and soon turned into a …

Easy Lunch Wrap with Sweet Potato, Hummus and Greens

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Putting together a healthy wrap might be one of the simplest things you do in your kitchen. Don’t think fancy ingredients or superfoods – I always happen to have some extra roasted veggies from last night’s dinner, maybe some hummus, an avocado, or some fresh aromatic herbs. You don’t necessarily need a recipe, just let yourself play with the available ingredients, use spices, add eggs to enrich the nutritional profile, pack everything in a whole wheat or gluten-free wrap and you’re ready for a …!

Beet and Ginger Detox Elixir

The first days of January pass quickly, with only a few hours of sunlight and a lot of awareness for every new sound, light, person and little joy of this young year. A lazy sunrise is for meditation and setting up the digestive fire with turmeric tea, while sunset goes by slowly in glorious contemplation, with a ruby-shaded ginger elixir. A favorite this winter, and inspired by one of Heidi’s Near and Far recipes, this is a drink for rooting into the new year and for nurturing the body’s cells to incite their …

The Simplest 1-Day Detox

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It’s been many years since I’ve overindulged the heavy way during the holidays because I eat healthily most of the time. I’ve learned to choose the correct food combinations and balance the quantities so that I never end up overwhelmed by my food. It’s a matter of control and it comes with practice. And with time, you learn to listen to your body and mind, and not your instincts telling you that another slice of cake won’t do you any harm. Indulging is a great thing if done in moderation, and moderation is also the reason why …

5 Eating Tips That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy Over the Holidays

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I want to enjoy the holidays, but still maintain a balanced state of mind and a healthy diet. How can I do this, when despite its magic and beautiful spirit, Christmas is actually the time of overindulgence? Family dinners, office parties, a cocktail with friends, a hot chocolate with refined sugar, airplane food, plain flour baked goodies – they all require a lot of your energy and nutrients. Extra socializing, sipping one more drink, or having one more chocolate chip cookie makes us hectic and unbalances our immune system. It’s no wonder that we find ourselves with colds or headaches during the holidays. For keeping your body happy and balancing your energy you need a bit of …