3 Day Detox Plans for Each Season

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A 3 Day Detox program is the easiest yet most effective way to strengthen your immune system, improve gut health and keep your hormones in balance.

The ebook features 3 Day Detox plans for each of the seasons, easy-to-follow recipes with natural ingredients, and a science-based approach to enhance your general wellbeing.

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The 3 Day Detox Plans for Each Season eBook

This book is not about miracle detox drinks and diets that will wash away your belly fat. It's about embracing a new way of nurturing yourself and making lifestyle changes to assist your overburdened body along with its natural detoxification processes.


I see the everyday process of feeding ourselves as an intimate labor of love and respect. Nowadays, we are too often overwhelmed by the struggles of our daily life, so we put this process at the bottom of our priority list. We don't have the time to do it properly, we are too stressed or even blame ourselves for being selfish or not 'modern enough' if we give the process too much attention.


We end up buying processed food. Then feeling guilty. Then wasting money on exorbitant detox programs. Then burning out from too much stress, pressure, and intense training and thus surrender again to junk food.

On our 'to-do' list, the process of authentic self-care fell way down. We are disconnected from our real selves and the things that really matter.


Our feeding process is constantly disrupted by the chemical strategies employed to cheat the system and increase food production. The nutrient density in our food ingredients has declined. Vegetables today contain substantially lower levels of nutrients than they did a few decades ago.


Many aspects of the modern lifestyle have become increasingly toxic to our health. The roots of many chronic illnesses and imbalances can be found in poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, and excessive stress.


Our body does have natural detoxification processes, but we must assist it through the toxic assault by giving it the right nutrients. Prolonged congestion and inflammation affect the function of our detoxification organs, preventing them from getting rid of toxins.


Illnesses arise from congestion into the tissues of these routes, and conditions have to prevail within the body before disease sets in. When the cells are full of vitality, pathogens cannot break into our tissues. It's only when our cells become weakened through congestion due to toxin accumulation that the illnesses occur.


This is why we need to learn to reconnect with our body, nurture it with the right foods, and support its natural detoxification processes. Putting attention and dedication into the process of feeding must become a labor of love and respect for ourselves again.

What's Inside?

The above paragraphs are an actual excerpt from the book itself.

It contains 132 pages, with 36 easy-to-follow recipes: 9 for each season and 4 additional recipes that enhance every 3 Day Detox plan no matter the season. Each season has its own printable groceries list.

It also features a science-based introduction that will teach you how simple lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on reducing inflammation, keeping your hormones in balance, eliminating digestive issues, getting better sleep, strengthening your immune system, and living a healthier life. These are the same principles I follow in my day-to-day life.


Here's a small preview:

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Ana, owner of The Awesome Green and creator of the 3 Day Detox Plans for Each Season.

I became a vegetarian when I was 19 years old. Got my nutritionist certification at 26. I left my job at the travel agency at 30 to follow my passion for food photography and healthy eating.

Over the years, I've managed to correct my health issues and imbalances exclusively through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I haven't taken a single prescription medicine in the last 10 years.
I do take supplements but in moderation, when needed.

In my book, I share the same methods, ingredients, and recipes I use to lead a well-balanced and healthy life.

Enjoy the 3 Day Detox benefits, tailored to each season

Stronger immune system

Eat the right seasonal foods to maximize the nutrients absorption. Learn how to make your own immune boosting combos.

Better mood and better sleep

Imbalanced hormones disrupt your sleep cycle and mind health. Use healing herbs and spices to regain your natural state of balance.

Improved gut health and digestion

Modern life health issues are linked to an imbalanced microbiota. Restore your gut health by using the right nutrients.

Reduced junk food cravings

Refined carbs and sugar are highly addictive and unhealthy. Find out how to replace them with healthy options.

Customer reviews

Caroline Ryan

May 13, 2024

I was a bit worried the food would taste bland as I'm used to different (heavier) types of meal but I'm happy to say I was wrong! The recipes are delicious and easy to make. I feel lighter and have more energy during the day, plus no more bloating! I Intend to make the 3 day detox a regular in my diet, hopefully one per month.

Joanne Jordan

May  19, 2024

I follow Ana's blog for a few years and tried her recipes along the way so I knew this ebook would be a perfect fit for me. I've just read the Summer Detox Plan and I can't wait to start it. The recipes sound great and the photos are gorgeous. I'll be back with additional feedback after making some of the recipes.

Clara Mendoza

May  23, 2024

I'm so glad I purchased this ebook! My goal for this year is to eat more healthy and lose the extra weight i gained last year. I love the fact that all the recipes are made with simple and seasonal ingredients so the grocery shopping is also simplified. And finding out that I can replace my probiotic with fermented cabbage, wich takes less than 30 minutes to make and lasts for months, makes me wonder how many of the supplements I'm taking I really need.

Rebecca Highfill

May 25, 2024

I haven't started a detox plan yet but my teenage daughters are both doing the Summer detox and they are absolutely thrilled to cook their own healthy foods. And I'm thrilled I don't have to cook extra! Thank you Ana, your book seems to help in more ways than you probably intended :)

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