Avocado Banana Smoothie, Rich and Tasty

Created to support hormone production and immune system activity, this creamy avocado banana smoothie will soon become your all time favorite. It’s a gorgeous green combo of avocado, banana, greens and a few other ingredients that will turn your breakfast into nutrient-packed satiating meal. And if you have leftovers, just pack them and serve in the afternoon to keep you…

Detox Soup for Weight Loss

At the beginning of each year we all have this renewed desire to feel better physically and emotionally, and to start new, healthful habits. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by starting with a gentle detox, to put your metabolism back on track. Detox soups are a great addition to any cleansing routine, and this satiating spicy detox soup will make you forget that you’re even detoxing. This green…

Restore Gut Health: How to, Plus a Supporting Citrus Smoothie

Throughout the years I’ve learned that most often our health issues, such as brain-related, immunity, digestive and autoimmune are directly linked with gut microbiota imbalance. That’s why I’m always focusing on restoring gut health naturally and preventing unfriendly bacteria proliferation, by nourishing my microbiome with the right food ingredients. There are plenty of ways to restore gut microbiota and one of the easiest is…

Fasting Tea with Healing Spices

Fasting tea is a great way to help you stick to the digestive pause protocol and to enhance the fasting health effects. Made with calming ingredients and cleansing spices, this fasting tea recipe is designed to support your body during the fasting period. I love its spicy taste and wonderful flavors and honestly I can’t wait for the evening to sip it and give my body a real treat during the digestive….

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats for a High Protein Breakfast

In my attempt to reduce the time I spend in the kitchen making a healthy breakfast each morning, I became a big fan of overnight oats. Packed with fibre for digestive cleanse, protein and minerals to support hormone production, a basic overnight oats recipe is everything you need for sticking to a healthy breakfast routine. I love to enhance the nutritional value of my overnight oats, by adding homemade….