Tropical Iced Detox Tea

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Summer is getting closer and afternoons are starting to be really hot, squeezing you out of energy and leaving you constantly craving for ice-cold drinks. These days I only dream of herbal teas on the rocks, ones that can heal my afternoon laziness without pumping sleep-disturbing caffeine into my system. This tropical detox tea was pure heaven for my busy workdays all this week, as it helped me…

Pumpkin Spice Latte, The Healthy Version

November came today with a real Fall attitude: a very cloudy sky in beautiful contrast with what’s left from the yellow leaves, low temperature and a sudden need of comforting drinks. I’m blessed to have huge studio windows that provide a great light even when outside is very cloudy, so I could photograph the pumpkin spice latte I treated myself with in the afternoon. Coffee is simply not enough for me during these dark afternoons and the pumpkin spice latte ingredients are…

Coffee Protein Shake On The Rocks

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When life gets really busy I need my three essentials first thing in the morning: a nourishing snack to fuel my cells with energizing nutrients, a few minutes of meditation to help me focus and a freshly roasted coffee. Sometimes I don’t find the time to prepare something proper to eat and if this is missing I know it’s going to be chaos all day long….

3 Breakfast Smoothies: Antioxidant, Digestive Healer and Energizer

If you’re after a bit of inspiration when it comes to your morning smoothies, you have to experiment these formulas! Not just regular smoothies, but rather meal replacement shakes for breakfast that serve as nutritious meals on the go and don’t make you crave for solid food after an hour or so…..