Fasting Tea with Healing Spices

Fasting tea is a great way to help you stick to the digestive pause protocol and to enhance the fasting health effects. Made with calming ingredients and cleansing spices, this fasting tea recipe is designed to support your body during the fasting period. I love its spicy taste and wonderful flavors and honestly I can’t wait for the evening to sip it and give my body a real treat during the digestive….

Protein Bars with Chocolate and Maca – The Healthy Snack for Hormone Balance

My interest in raising my protein intake made me understand that I need to stop relying on store-bought protein bars and make my own recipe, because I need to be sure that all the ingredients are whole and health-approved. I took advantage of the upcoming Valentine’s Day and created this pinkish low carb protein bar recipe using nut butter, protein powder, nuts and coconut oil. These easy protein bars….

Protein-Packed Kale Salad

Loaded salads are my favorite dinner dishes, and there is so much you can do to turn a boring salad into a satiating meal. As I’m approaching my 40’s, I know that my body needs more protein to support the brain function, hormone production and so many other important activities, so I try to eat quality plant protein and/or eggs at every meal. This kale salad with avocado is a great way to rich your 75 grams protein a day, as…

A Vegetable Soup Recipe for a Gentle Detox

Yes, you can read everywhere that detox is overrated and your body does it naturally. Well, I have a different opinion. Our body cells definitely do their natural work of pumping out and neutralising toxins, but they definitely need consistent help. Fibre, whole foods loaded with minerals and vitamins, fermented vegetables – they all boost the natural cleanse process. After a period of overeating, stress and indulgence in every way, I like to take maximum advantage of the soup season and give …