Essential Oils for Sleep, All Natural Insomnia Cures

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In my twenties my sleep was exceptional and I couldn’t imagine living with sleep issues. In my early thirties however, something changed. Falling asleep became a struggle. Waking up several times at night became a habit. And so did brain fog and physical exhaustion in the morning.  I thought it’s just a stress problem and everything will turn to normal.Now I’m 36 and it didn’t. But I learned to …

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili, Ready in 20 Minutes

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Finding many little ways to include a variety of superfoods in the every day meals is a small but important step toward a healthier us. You can’t rely on what’s trending only, but actually experiment with different ingredients to find what suits your body best, what makes you really feel good and rooted. All superfoods, be them spices, algae, adaptogens, pollen, green leaves or seeds, contain so many incredible functional properties once digested, that go above and beyond…

Artful Blogging Magazine $100 Giveaway – Yes, I’m Featured in the Summer Edition!

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It’s been quite a while since I last wrote on my blog, and I missed it a lot! My schedule was so busy lately, photographing for my clients and shooting for a new book, that I didn’t realize that summer is already here. I love writing and capturing the images of my day to day life, with all the small and lovely details – fresh ingredients from the farmers’ market, a quick summer rain, our cozy dinner in two, a healthy dessert or fresh flowers – and I don’t like to stay….

3 Superfood Vegan Protein Powders to Upgrade Your Lattes

Vegan or vegetarian diet is not just about eliminating meat and animal products. Learning to balance your nutrient intake, and especially the proteins, takes time, and in-between you may experience different health issues such as losing hair, a sluggish metabolism, low energy levels, frail nails, or hormone imbalance. For me, I had most of them, and while I’m still struggling with a slow thyroid, I try to nourish my body with….

The Hello Glow Book, Photographed by Me

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As you may have noticed, my postings have been quite rare lately, and this is only because this year was incredibly busy. My collaborations as a food and beauty photographer were very fruitful, and the one I am most proud of is doing the photography for Stephanie Gerber’s Hello Glow book. This collaboration taught me a lot of things, both professionally and personally. Stephanie is an amazingly talented woman who inspired me not only to be a better photographer, but also to change my beauty routine and…

The Simplest 1-Day Detox

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It’s been many years since I’ve overindulged the heavy way during the holidays because I eat healthily most of the time. I’ve learned to choose the correct food combinations and balance the quantities so that I never end up overwhelmed by my food. It’s a matter of control and it comes with practice. And with time, you learn to listen to your body and mind, and not your instincts telling you that another slice of cake won’t do you any harm. Indulging is a great thing if done in moderation, and moderation is also the reason why …