Vegetarian Minestrone Soup, The Very Green Edition

This minestrone soup is all about adding in as many fresh green veggies you can find available! I imagined this soup as a healing pot that will infuse my cells with chlorophyl, oxygen and antioxidants, so they will wake up refreshed to a new life under the spring sun, balance the hormone production, enhance mood, and create energy for new projects, new ideas and new challenges. Does is sound like an ode to spring? It actually is, because the latest snowfalls just at the debut of March marked my overall balance and I need every fresh nutrient I can take to gain back my wellbeing. 

Vegan Hot Chocolate to Restore Your Energy Levels

Many people rely on a big cup of coffee in the afternoon to put them back on track after half day at the office and the (sometimes not-that-nurturing) lunch, without knowing that caffeine is really just a band aid approach to sustainable energy. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee, but I can always predict that rise in energy, that can only go in one direction-and that’s down! What the body is truly craving are …