Healing Red Lentil Curry with Turmeric and Spinach

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There is something about making curry at home that resembles a ritual. Maybe because you’re adding so many spices together, one by one, maybe because of the cozy smell that brings the whole family together around the table, or maybe because of its healing properties that almost turn it into a digestive medicine. I know for sure that there’s nothing more …

3 Superfood Vegan Protein Powders to Upgrade Your Lattes

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Vegan or vegetarian diet is not just about eliminating meat and animal products. Learning to balance your nutrient intake, and especially the proteins, takes time, and in-between you may experience different health issues such as losing hair, a sluggish metabolism, low energy levels, frail nails, or hormone imbalance. For me, I had most of them, and while I’m still struggling with a slow thyroid, I try to nourish my body with….

3 Warming Soups for Liver Cleanse and Detox

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Our liver, the master metabolizer, filters the entire blood volume every three minutes. How about that? All our organs are important, but it’s the liver that processes and neutralizes all the chemicals our body is exposed to, from our food, environment, or personal care products. In healthy diets or detox diets, when we consume appreciable quantities of vegetables and fruits, our cells receive high concentrations of potassium which flushes out excess water and toxins, creating an …

Chai-Infused Fine Chocolate Truffles {Vegan}

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Tonight I’m listening to Romanian interwar jazz, and somehow I managed to get into the Christmas mood. The amazing voice of Maria Raducanu reminded me of all the feelings and emotions I had when I was a child around the holidays. I remember the winters of my childhood – it always snowed on Christmas Eve and it was so cold that our Christmas tree was frozen when my parents brought it from the market. We lived in a communist country, and although our parents struggled to …